Customer Testimonials

  I’ve been going to Joe Harris for my taxidermy work since I was first introduced to him a number of years ago.  His work on all of my animals from Namibia in 2007 was exceptional and that is what convinced me that Joe and I would be doing business for years to come.  In 2010, I finally had the chance to experience my dream hunt going after mountain goats in the Rockies of British Columbia.  Joe did a full body mount on my billy and the finished product was simply stunning by every measure.  The mount now sits in the lobby of the NRA Headquarters building in Fairfax, Virginia and it draws countless compliments from visitors. 
Joe’s attention to detail and ability to make an animal look as it did while it lived is something special.  I am comfortable leaving all artistic decisions to him because I know that he will make the right call every time.  He does great honor to his profession and I’d recommend his work to anyone, any time without reservation.  It may exist but I’ve never seen better work by any taxidermist and I see a great deal of it as I travel throughout the country.
Darren LaSorte
Manager of Hunting Policy










During the times I have spent hunting, I have gathered alot of great memories while afield. All of those memories have been saved in the mounts that Joe and the guys from Harris Taxidermy have completed for me. There is not a time that goes by while enjoying the lifelike mounts that I cant completely relive every moment of each individual hunt. Thank you so much for keeping those memories alive for me. Hope there will be many more to come.

Matt Gillaspy
Knight and Hale Game Calls Pro Staff










Joe Harris is one of the country’s best taxidermy artists for the same reasons he’s a phenomenal hunter: his knowledge, respect and love of wildlife. He has been my go-to taxidermist from the day I shot my first duck up to my recent trip to Africa. I will always do business with Joe and recommend him to family and friends, because he captures the beauty of the animals in a way others can’t. He has a gift, and fortunately it happens to overlap with his passion for the outdoors.

 -Kyle Wintersteen
Freelance Outdoor Writer with bylines in numerous nationwide