Full-time taxidermy studio. Professional mounts of both North American, African, and Exotic animals from around the world

          - Lifesize, shoulder, and skull  mounts

          - Rugs

          -Turkey Fans and Antler Mounts


     In addition to traditional skin mounts of fish, we offer Reproduction Mounts. This is a great alternative to skin mounts if the fish was damaged when caught. Also this is good for fisherman who would like to release the fish. Just measurements of the length, weight, girth and picture of the fish vpis needed.


     Euromounts are also prepared through our studio. In this process the skull is completely cleaned by beetles and then bleached or camo dipped.


     We build custom bases to suit your mount and specifications of size and shape.


     All wood working through Harris Taxidermy Studio is done by a skilled woodworker including, plaques, pedestals and furniture pieces.


     Prices vary according to the specific mount. Please contact us with inquiries.


     For questions about field care, preparation, and shipping of your trophy contact us.


Harris Taxidermy Guarantee- Return your mount to us with any problems not due to the fault of the customer for free restoration.