About Us

     Harris Taxidermy Studio is owned and operated by Joseph Harris a full-time professional taxidermist with nearly 30 years experience. Joe opened the business in 1988 after graduating from the Pennsylvania School of Taxidermy. Joe is an award winning taxidermist and is licensed by the State of Pennsylvania. Joe focuses on the finish work of our pieces, including skilled use of the airbrush.


     Joe has turned hunting into a family experience with his wife Maria, his daughters Hanna and Paige and his son, Joey. Joe has hunted all over North America and parts of Africa.


Harris Taxidermy Studio employs two taxidermists in addition to Joe. They are Allan Harris and his son Joey Harris.


     Allan, known as Harry around the Studio, has been working with Joe since 1994. Harry enjoys mounting both turkey and deer and his work reflects this passion. Although, Harry specializes in deer and turkeys he is a talented all-around taxidermist.


     Harry enjoys spending his summers fishing on Lake Ontario. Harry is an avid turkey hunter and makes his own mouth calls. He is member of the NRA and AWild Turkey Federation.


Joey Harris, Joe's son,  is the newest addition to the place. He is the "new guy" only in the sense of working at the studio since he has been going and hanging around the place since he could walk. He someday wants to take over the business.

The Harris Taxidermy studio is a place of hard working, dedicated, and skilled craftsman. You will come to find a sense of pride in the work they do.